I Design Experiences

I'm an Interaction Designer at Google in Boulder.

Previously, I founded Yodel, and designed at: GrubHub, Samsung, FightMetric (UFC), Thinkplay, and the Cornell Interaction Design Lab.

About My Work

I design web and mobile apps (UI/UX). I focused on HCI Design at Cornell. I use Sketch, Principle, Framer, and the Browser. I care about scalable CSS.


A collection of projects I have designed.

Founder, Chief Design Officer

Yodel began as a side project. After securing funding we went full-time. We launched Yodel-Videochat Messaging in 2015, and after a pivot we released our second app Yodel-Group Stories. I've been responsible for product direction, UX & visual design, user research, and branding.

Product Designer

I was a front-end/product designer at GrubHub in the Chicago HQ. I led design for the GrubHub Driver's app. I also worked on the global sass repo for all company related css, and crafted on new designs for the main GrubHub/Seamless web app.


sndchk (Soundcheck) is Rotten Tomatoes for Concert Reviews. This is an early stage startup that I helped design and develop (html/css/js/rails).

Head of Design

thinkplay is audio software and a platform for building and sharing digital ePedals. Founded by a group of Cornell students, I joined as the head of design and led visual design, user-testing, and interface design.

Design Intern

I was a UI/UX design intern in the Samsung UXCA Mobile Lab in San Francisco. Our goal was to create mobile UI prototypes that pushed thinking for the future. I worked on interaction ideas for the Samsung mobile OS.

Other Projects

Web, Mobile, and Motion Design

Since 2010 I've been creating web and mobile apps. I've worked on 50+ freelance projects, including work for Cornell University, UFC, West Point, Vspread, Faded Paper Figures.

Sometimes I do small side projects like wahlo.com to experiment with things.