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I'm currently a front-end designer at GrubHub. I've had the opportunity to design and develop with awesome teams like Samsung, FightMetric (UFC), thinkplay, and the Cornell Interaction Design Lab.

About My Work

I'm a full-stack designer. I focused on HCI at Cornell. I approach each project with empathy and follow a lean ux process. View my Resume (PDF)

I design in the browser, and I use Sketch. I'm comfortable with HTML/CSS/SCSS, JS, jQuery, php, SQL, JSON, D3, git. I create motion graphics in Motion 5. I'm currently working with Ruby on Rails.


A collection of projects I have designed.

Co-Founder - Princeton, NJ

sndchk is Rotten Tomatoes for Concert Reviews. This is an early stage startup that I have helped design and develop (html/css/js/rails).

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Design Intern - San Francisco, CA

I was a UI/UX design intern on the Samsung UXCA team in SF. Our goal was to create mobile interfaces to be shipped three to five years in the future.

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Front-End Dev - Washington DC

FightMetric is an official statistics provider for the UFC and ESPN. I was hired to work as a front-end developer on the UFC Pick Em game, and FanForward website.

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Head of Design - Ithaca, NY

thinkplay is an audio software and a platform for building and sharing ePedals. Founded by a group of Cornell students, I joined as the head of design and led all illustration, user-testing, and interface design efforts.

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Product Designer - NYC

Vspread is a sports data company, making it possible to analyze detailed upcoming NFL, NBA, and NCAA games. I was contracted as a UI/UX designer and front-end developer.

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UI/UX Designer - Ithaca, NY

At Cornell, I worked with a postdoc and a group of students on an app for sustainability. We crafted a poll-based product, where people can ask questions and choose the best answers.

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Wahlo Tuner
Personal Project - Ithaca, NY

A keyboard enabled guitar tuner (javascript) I designed and developed. It's meant to be the most minimal and colorful guitar tuner on the interwebs.

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